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DYES: Destination Cass County: Part two

Skip Dyes is a Cass County commissioner. He serves district three. Last week, we talked about my grandfather, my mother’s father, who came to Cass ... Read more

NELDON: A rough draft of the future

Former Washington Post publisher Philip Graham famously said, “journalism is the first rough draft of history.” This postulation has guided my career, a reminder that ... Read more

LASATA: 2020 #SWMISpirit tournament nears tipoff

With March comes the longer, sunnier and warmer days of spring and the return of the beloved Southwest Michigan Spirit Tournament, which will tip off ... Read more

CULTON: Take a peek into the future with Horizons

While southwest Michigan may be known for its history, Thursday, Leader Publications is looking toward the future. That is when Horizons 2020, bearing the theme ... Read more

APPLEGATE: Berrien County advocates for pre-Labor Day school start

Berrien County has applied for a waiver that could allow local school districts to start before Labor Day next year. Due to the large number ... Read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thank you to the city of Niles

I have been reminiscing, while I approach my retirement March 1. When I came to Pawating Hospital in 1981, I was accepted by many fine ... Read more

PAQUETTE: If you have done someone wrong, try to make it right

Brad Paquette, R, represents the 78th District, which covers Berrien county.  At Niles New Tech, we often focused on culture with our high school students. ... Read more

MEISER: What do you know about townships?

There are 15 townships in Cass County: Calvin, Howard, Jefferson, LaGrange, Marcellus, Mason, Milton, Newberg, Ontwa, Penn, Pokagon, Porter, Silver Creek, Volinia and Wayne. Township ... Read more

WILSON: Big John may never understand women

Big John Hudson burst through the front door of Sarah’s Diner, threw his ball cap down on the table with the lethargic fervor of a ... Read more

DYES: Destination Cass County: Part one

Skip Dyes is a Cass County commissioner. He serves district three. Destination Cass County is the story of how my family — how I — ... Read more

LASATA: Rare Disease Day an opportunity to spread awareness

Most families have been affected in some way by disease — conditions like heart disease, diabetes and cancer are common throughout our state and nation, ... Read more

CULTON: Southwest Michigan would not be what it is today without black history

I had a teacher once who said, “If you want to see the importance of black history, look around you.” So many of the inventions ... Read more

ODENWALD: What’s great about Michigan community colleges

Dr. Joe Odenwald is the president of Southwestern Michigan College. America’s higher education landscape is complicated. There are many options at not-for-profit private colleges, public ... Read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thank you from the Young Professionals

Thank you from the Young Professionals of Greater Dowagiac to all of the community sponsors, volunteers and attendees who made the annual Daddy-Daughter Dance a ... Read more

HUNSBERGER: Libraries get to tell our story

Children love Storytime.  Adventures with “Clifford the Big Red Dog,” “The Berenstain Bears,” and “Fancy Nancy” are a highlight of any reading journey. These literary ... Read more

WILSON: Conventional wisdom and common sense

“I need some unconventional wisdom!” Big John Hudson clamored, as he lurched through the front door of the diner, kicked the snow off his mukluks, ... Read more

NELDON: Don’t sweep the facts under the rug

Monday evening, thousands of people learned a lesson from a household broom: Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Seeing these posts online, I ... Read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump’s acquittal is an orchestrated process

Republican senators’ acquittal of Donald Trump was the culmination of an orchestrated process to ensure a quick ending to his impeachment “trial.” Sen. McConnell stated ... Read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Recreational fishing industry continues to grow

Last week, the Michigan House of Representatives passed the first update to Michigan’s commercial fishing statutes in more than 60 years. Thanks to the hard ... Read more

LASATA: Governor’s budget plan ignores local roads

Last week, the governor’s budget director addressed a joint hearing of the Senate and House appropriations committees to unveil the administration’s recommended budget for the ... Read more

KAUFMANN: When hearts are trump

Chrissie Kaufmann is a group fitness instructor at the YMCA of Greater Michiana. February is American Heart Month, and not just because of Valentine’s Day. ... Read more

VANDENHEEDE: Let’s talk about pot

Dan Vandenheede is a Niles city council member, he can be contacted by email, or by phone, (269) 635-8458. In my last column, I ... Read more

PUCKETT: If you aren’t sure, it doesn’t hurt to try

We all make many decisions every day. We desire to make good choices, but many times, we discover that what we chose was not best. ... Read more

MCKEE: Friend of the court provides assistance in getting back in the workforce

April McKee is the deputy Friend of the Court enforcement caseworker. According to the Department of Agriculture, the estimated cost of raising a child from ... Read more

NELDON: New feature shows us our region’s progress

If you take a walk through any southwest Michigan downtown, you can typically find traces of history. These remnants of our past are found in ... Read more

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